From M.E.D.- September 18, 2015

Hi folks,

I had three people in Idaho Falls that I had interview to replace my heating and air conditioning system.  The first was so drunk I was scared of him.

The second one ______ Heating & Air Conditioning.  I have had 2 strokes and a dissected aorta.  The man was disrespected me and treated me like a dumb blonde.  He wanted to charge me a high rate for the lowest of three units.  When I asked questions, he avoided my eyes and seemed to be nervous about answering them.  I felt very uncomfortable.  One of my neighbors said go on the internet and you’ll see why you don’t want _______Heating & Air Conditioning doing the work.  I found 82 complaints about how disrespectful they were and how they treat their customers mean.

The third on was Alpine Heating & Air Conditioning.  The young man in his mid-30’s came out to explain everything to me about the problems I was having. I already knew my system had problems because I was told 7 years before to replace the unit by a fourth company.  The young man, Jeremy was so respectful and answered my questions directly to me.  That was 6 months ago.  Told me if unit ever makes noise to turn it off immediately.

Well in late June, I had a/c on when I work up one morning the house sounded like it was caving in so I turned the unit off.  In Idaho Falls, you can usually do with a/c.  So when I got the rest of money together I called them and within a week and ½ they came out to replace my Lennox system after 35 years.

They brought 3 young men in mid-20’s and they immediately got to work diligently and worked til the one man came up and said, “Madam ya hot heat.”  Right in time, it was 35 last night.  The three men were so respectful.  Talked to me like a woman not an old crazy lady.

Two of them helped with putting solar salt in my water softener and the other without ladder replaced 4 bulbs that I would have to get on a ladder within less than 3 minutes.  First time I had light down there in over a year.

I will be every grateful to the Alpine Heating & Air Conditioning people.  I finally have people I can rely on.  Thank you for the great service.  M.E. D.